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This week of Italian design research topic is about the Local place: Piazza San Firenze.

This presentation mainly explores the building facades around the piazza, which forms a richness of
history and building topology.

The square has an elongated almond-shaped and on the east side is dominated by the facade of the complex
of St Florence with the church of San Filippo Blacks , a monumental Baroque monastery that housed the
Philippine fathers , with a beautiful facade of the 1667 designed by Pier Francesco Silvani , and ended
only in 1772 . Today it houses the Court and the courts.Opposite is the Palazzo Gondi , a fine example of residential architecture in Florence in the fifteenth century, designed by Giuliano da San Gallo and expanded in the nineteenth century.In ancient times it faced two churches on the square: the church of St. Apollinaris , perhaps actually
founded in the sixth century by Byzantine and destroyed in the seventeenth century, and the
aforementioned San Fiorenzo, the first was just below the present chapel of St. Philip blacks, while the
other was on the opposite side and was destroyed to make the square post.On the south-west rises the back corner of the Palazzo Vecchio , in front of the palace Columbia Parliament , former hotel at the time of Florence, the capital, home to members of the Italian Parliament who met in the Palazzo Vecchio .In Piazza San Firenze is the Consulate of Peru.

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