Extracurricular Activities

09/2006-Now    Acting as leader of soccer team in civil engineering of Tongji University.

On one side, I attended several soccer matches in campus. On the other side, as a leader, I took responsibility of all my team members includes their location on the field, their training time, etc. My organization and cooperation ability was developed during this period.

09/2006-Now    Acting as study commissar in my class

Assisted my monitor and teachers to collect all kinds of exam information and arranged for the time of class meeting

11/2007         Participated in Pan Xiaoting snooker contest and entered into top 16 places

09/2006-Now    Acted as leader of basketball team and won the championship of civil engineering basketball match in 2008

12/2007        Won excellent award of construction contest in Tongjing University

07/2008        Worked as a volunteer in Dongsheng District seniors’ home for 3 days

09/2008-06/2009 Acted as vice chairman of soccer department in Tongjing University

As a leader of over 80 students, I organized several soccer games like friendship, zuxie, etc.

Furthermore, I was also responsible for the arrangement of judgment in each match. From which, I developed my good responsibility and strict discipline-obeyed ability.

12/2007        Participated in 10th Shanghai Charity Run for Hope for Cancer Research.

11/2009        Took part in Pan Xiaoting snooker contest and entered into top 8 places.

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