Internship & College Courses Exercitation Experience


01/2009-02/2009 & 07/2009-08/2009&06/2010-08/2010  Ordos Jincheng Design & Programming Co., Ltd

Duty:  1. Learned blueprint drawing by using architectural knowledge learned in college into practice.

2. Studied the function and usage of available software and developed serious attitude towards work.

3. Got closer acquaintance to the field of architecture and national-specialty architectural ideas through communicating with other senior architects.


01/2008-02/2008 & 07/2008-08/2008   Wanzheng Real Estate Company affiliated by Wanzheng Investment Group architectural Department (Wanzheng Investment Group is one of the biggest companies in Inner Mongolia which possesses 17 companies and the total asset is up to 4 billion. The main business includes construction of fundamental facilities, real estate, etc).

Duty:  1. Studied the operation process of real estate and the drawing skill of architectural item master plan.

2. Went to the construction site for studying the construction paper and construction method of high-leveled building.

3. Acted as an assistant technician and learned the process of fundamental construction and stairs construction.

4. Participated in the discussion for architectural problems with my colleagues, from which, my communication ability was highly improved.


02/2007-03/2007 & 07/2007-08/2007   Ordos Huisheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd   

Duty:  1. Learned the business and operation way of architectural field

2. Got familiar with bidding process.

3. Had a basic idea of architectural plane, construction and spot programming master plan.

College Courses Exercitation:

06/07/2007-14/07/2007       cognition exercitation

Content:  Visited famous construction in Shanghai like Yangpu Bridge, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Building as well as the construction spot, etc. From which, I had a basic knowledge about constructions.


09/07/2008-15/07/2008       Engineering Geologic exercitation

Content:  Climbed various mountains and knowing the geologic condition of Hangzhou. I was conscious of the attention points during construction to avoid accidents.

21/07/2008-29/07/2008       Surveying exercitation

Content:  Surveyed the campus altitude of Zhejiang Forest College; Drawing a contour map; commanded the usage of altazimuth, global analyzer, etc.

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