Italian Design Research Individual Presentations


Italian design research will explore significant creators and places to be encountered in the travels.

Each week students will individually select a topic, from a list, to be researched and documented as a 5-minute PPT presentation to the studio.

Each week students are expected to choose a topic from a different category (five categories total).

Each PPT will consist of  6-10 slides, to include focused and in-depth  information about the topic.

Single slides may include multiple images.

student name, topic, studio, and date of presentation should appear on each slide (small font size).

Limited text may appear on slides, e.g., quotes or observations re topic.

Presentations will be made in Weston Lecture Hall 2; first presenter is responsible for checking out laptop, mouse, and cables already reserved from Littman Library, where set-up assistance is available.


Prepare a physical 3D model representing individual topic.

The model is to be expressive of the design character of your topic and an exploration into the dialogue between 2D and 3D design.

Each week the required materials for the model will change.

Overall model dimensions not to exceed 12” x 12” x 12”; min size 6” x 6” x 6”


 1  Cities


Plan (north to top), showing ¼ mile radius for 4-6 significant local places, each called out

Major districts or quarters, showing ¼ mile radius imposed on each

Topography (water features, hills)

Photographic documentation

2  Buildings

Name, Architect(s), patron(s) where applicable, dates

Location (city district or quarter)

Site plan (north to top), showing ¼ mile walking radius

Ground floor plan, w key horizontal dimensions

Building section, w key vertical dimensions

Significant elevation(s), w key vertical dimensions

Photographic documentation

3  Local Places

Location in city

Date of design/construction

Name of chief architect(s)/designer(s)

Site plan, showing ¼ mile radius

Site section, w key horizontal & vertical dimensions

Photographic documentation

4  Architects

Birth/death dates and locations

Significant buildings or designs (3-6 not including those listed under Buildings), clients, and locations

Major contributions to evolution of architectural design

Photographic documentation

5  Artists

Birth/death dates and locations

Significant work (3-6) and clients where applicable

Major contributions to evolution of art discipline (painting, sculpture, etc)

Photographic documentation

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