Team Field Investigations

Thursday classes will be conducted in Manhattan, where teams will conduct on-site inquiries into important pieces of urban architecture and key places in the physical structure and operations of the city.  Team assignments will be made on Tuesday preceding the Thursday site visits.

Field Investigations will develop a methodology for visiting, measuring, analyzing, and documenting these objects and spaces for their contemporary relevance and for their applicability in the making of new urban architecture, design, and planning.  The methodology will consequently be applied to cities and sites visited during the trip to Italy.

Each team will be comprised of three members.  Each team will have at least one female and one male – also at least one undergraduate and one graduate student.  Each week you will be expected to form a team with two new teammates.  Team makeups for Field Investigation are not to be repeated for these weekly exercises.

Each week all teams will together explore a specific quarter, or district, of Manhattan, e.g. Upper East Side or Upper West

Side.  In that district each team will be assigned a Place and a related Building to visit and document.  It is recommended that all team members prepare in-the-field versions of all required documents. In the following days teams will engage in a process of distilling and collectively documenting their focused findings for pin-up presentation to the class.

Place Documents

A  location diagram

B  plan diagram

C  section diagram (basic massing forms)

D  3D sketches, describing character and significant detail

E  physical 3D diagram model

Building Documents

A   location diagram

B   plan diagram

C   section diagram (basic massing forms)

D   elevation(s) diagrams

E   3D sketches, describing character and significant detail

F   physical 3D diagram model

Documentation Reqs Goal is to capture essence of each site, rather than high degree of                                                             precision.  A credible and readable degree of dimensionality and proportionality is however required.

2D erawings (all freehand) are to be made on gridded paper (1/4” grid).

3D drawings (all freehand) are to be made on plain paper.

Drawings are to be made in pen and/or in soft pencil.

Drawings to include the following:

North arrow (location and plan diagrams)

Graphic scale (all drawings)

Notes contributing to understanding of the Place or the Building

Drawings to be enlarged to 11×17 print format for in-class presentation and discussion.

Teammate names to appear on each drawing.

Required materials and modes of representation for physical 3D diagram .

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